2005 Foal Nominations

  Sire Dam Owner April 1 payment July 1 payment

Mighty Oakie

CJF Keep A Dancin Aniva Dalby Mesebery Yes Yes
2 Strawmans Dakota Lad Intriguing Dream Barb Keenan Yes Yes
3 Strawmans Dakota Lad A Scotch for Rosie Barb Keenan    
4 Strawmans Dakota Lad Macs Emerald Fire Dan and Lori Krome Yes Yes
5 Strawmans Dakota Lad Andrew's Desire Dan and Lori Krome Yes Yes
6 DB's Post Shannon Guindon's Sahara Pete and Sue Kulp Yes  
7 DB's Post Shannon Melody's Zipo Shado Pete and Sue Kulp Yes  
8 DB's Post Shannon Miss Sharp Rock Pete and Sue Kulp Yes  
9 DB's Post Shannon Masove Impressive Pete and Sue Kulp Yes  
10 DB's Post Shannon Abdulls Rockin Lady Pete and Sue Kulp Yes  
11 Hollywood Style Southern Summer Gary and Karen Olson    
12 Executive Doc Bar Te's Story Gary and Karen Olson    
13 Imyourdreamfinder Ms Quarter Mane Doug and Lori Richards Yes  
14 Imyourdreamfinder Felony Intent Doug and Lori Richards    
15 Imyourdreamfinder Kelos Chick Doug and Lori Richards Yes Yes
16 Mighty Oakie Sno Lets Dance Doug and Diane Nickel Yes Yes
17 DB's Post Shannon Nugget's T Rasmus Terri McCarty    
18   War Morning Star Terri McCarty Yes  
19   Legendary Rocker Terri McCarty Yes  
20   Mom's Spy Terri McCarty    
21 Executive Doc Bar Flight of Fancy John Doblar Yes Yes
22 Executive Doc Bar Miss Parker John Doblar Yes Yes
23 Executive Doc Bar Wood B Dun John Doblar Yes Yes
24 Hollywood Style Zipped Off A Sock Danny Bennett Yes Yes
25 Hollywood Style JS Margaritaville Danny Bennett    
26 Hollywood Style Codes Smooth As Silk Darlene Campbell Yes Yes
27 Just Bill Im a Star Tender Bill Goedeken Yes