2006 Foal Nominations

  Sire Dam Owner Nomination payment April 1 payment July 1 payment
1 Strawmans Dakota Lad Bright Color Splash Dan and Lori Krome Free for donating Yes  
2 Strawmans Dakota Lad Intriging Dream Barb Keenan Free for purchasing    
3 Hollywood Style I'm Pie Eyed Doug and Lori Richards Free for purchasing Yes Yes
4 Mighty Oakie Autumn Flower Doug Nickel Free for donating Yes Yes
Executive Doc Bar   John Doblar Free for donating    
6 Hollywood Style   Karen Olson Yes Yes  
7 Im Your Dreamfinder Sullys Hollywood Craig Roth Free for purchasing Yes Yes
8 Im Your Dreamfinder Fancy Tuff Cowboy Craig Roth Yes Yes Yes
9 Executive Doc Bar Flights of Fancy Georgia Larson Yes Yes Yes
10 Mighty Oakie Long Island Tease Karen Olson Yes